12/26/05: I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Emma racked up on presents, so I can imagine what next year will be like when she's home with us. There are a few things pictured below. Today we went to Babies R Us and registered for a few things. I found it quite amusing when the lady behind the registery desk asked if I was due January 29th. I said yes, and she just looked at my belly with a questioning look. I guess some people still don't get it that families are formed in more than one way. Also pictured is Emma's new carseat. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Thank you Mamaw Bootie!

12/21/05: This comic in today's newspaper just made me laugh. My poor mutts. I hope this isn't them in a few months.

12/18/05: Believe it or not, I'm packing! Actually it's just a dry run to see what I have and what I need. Thank you to my co-worker, Sherrie, for donating a big suitcase to our adoption travel fund. I've packed all of the medicines I've been buying, into little ziplock bags and photocopied the instructions on paper and put that with it too. Cuts down alot of the bulk. Want to see one of the greatest inventions I've found so far. Peanut butter in single-serve squeeze sticks! Six sticks will easily fit into a sandwich sized ziplock bag. I won't starve in China!! Now if I can keep my suitcase at 44lbs or below. That's the hard part.

On a more serious note, please keep our little Emma in your prayers. I found out today that someone in our group was notified that the little girl they had been referred had come down with pneumonia and passed away. They had only seen her picture, but had already started the bonding process with her. I can't imagine what this family is going through. They will be referred another child and travel at the same time, but this has got to be a difficult time for them.

12/10/05: Thank you to everyone for all of the congratulations and good wishes. We are over the moon and can't believe we received a referral for such an amazing little girl. We will have to wait about a month to find out our exact travel dates. We hope to travel at the end of January, but it is more likely at the beginning of February, after the Chinese New Year. We'll keep you updated when we find out. I've added a map of China to the referral page to show the places we'll be traveling to.

Happy Birthday Michael!!

12/09/05: OUR REFERRAL IS HERE!!! Click on the "REFERRAL" button on the left.

12/08/05: Our referral arrived at the agency this morning. It's been faxed to China for translation. Hopefully we'll get "THE CALL" tomorrow sometime.

12/06/05: STORK ALERT!! STORK ALERT!! Our papers are on their way to the US from China. We've been notified by our agency that we have been matched and we should hear from them in the next few days to get our picture and medical information. Our agency informed us that when they receive the papers, they are faxed BACK to China for translations and then faxed once again to the US, so we probably won't hear anything till Friday, although it may even be next Monday. Check back soon!!!

Sorry, been having some technical problems with my website for the past couple of days. I guess I'm not really not enough of a geek to figure out some of these things - hee hee!

11/17/05: I've added a new page. Check out the "Quilt" button.

11/11/05: Referrals are here...but looks like ours isn't included this month. If you would like to see some of the beautiful babies who were matched with their families from our group, go to this address: http://www.march2005dtc.com/referrals/

We have so many new mommies and daddies who are over the moon right now. If you are wondering why there is an October and November group of referrals, it's because our group was split three ways (which is unheard of). Some of the people with early dates, got their referrals October 3rd, the next group started November 10th, then we're up next sometime in early December (hopefully). Maybe we'll get a wonderful anniversary present this year!! Now I can say it: "WE ARE NEXT".

11/02/05: Waiting, waiting, waiting...no news yet. While we are waiting, I thought I'd share some photos of the official "Matching Room" in China. This is the place that our paperwork will be "matched" with the baby's paperwork. The wall is lined with color-coded dossiers according to each agency. Can you imagine having a job like this?

10/28/05: Well, this isn't really the news you are probably looking for, but I said I'd keep everyone updated. It now looks like we may be waiting another month for our referral. I really don't know why, but there have been more delays and it looks like we will probably be held up again. It is disappointing especially since our agency told us to expect a referral very soon (and they usually don't ever tell you that unless the referral is in their hands). Now we are looking to the first week in December for our referral. So in the grand scheme of things, what is another 4-5 weeks? Right now it seems like forever.....

10/22/05: Just a short update. I've uploaded some new pictures of the baby's room - I've been busy!

10/16/05: We just heard from our agency that the CCAA confirmed that they are NOT holding back our paperwork to go with the group behind us. They aslo said we should be receiving our referral in the next couple of weeks!!!! So we should soon be holding our little one's photo and medical information in our hands! It's getting exciting. Hopefully my next update will be our REFERRAL!!!!

09/29/05: Tonight was my first baby shower. It was actually a cyber-shower. Ever heard of that? It was a group of people who belong to the same online group and we met in our chat room and each of us had a buddy to buy for and another person bought for us. We played a few games, and then had a free-for-all and opened our gifts at the same time. It was so much fun. I lucked out and got the best cyber-buddy ever - Jeanne from Washington. Check out my gifts. A baby monitor, the cutest baby bib with pandas on it, some cute embroidered onesies and a box of Enfamil formula sticks (perfect for packing!!).

09/24/05: Hurricane Rita has come and gone. Here are some pictures of our preparation and of the clouds. That is actually what the clouds looked like, no photoshoping at all.

09/22/05: Well, we're sitting here waiting for hurricane Rita to make her appearance tomorrow evening. We're as prepared as we can be for now. But since we've got power now, I've added another page to my website. Last weekend at the Texans game, our little tailgating group (Tucked in the Corner Tailgaters) was awarded the prestigous title of H-E-B Texans Tailgater of the Game. Although the Texans lost, we still had lots of fun. Now we have a chance to compete for Tailgater of the Year at the end of the season. Next on my "to do" list is to create a logo for our group. Click the following link to see the pictures.


09/09/05: Check out our ultrasound picture!

No new news to report. Just sitting here waiting for our referral. We were hoping to hear something around Halloween, but from looking at what happened the last two years, we may have to wait till mid-November. China has their national holiday in early October, so that may be one reason we will be delayed. There are rumors flying all over the message boards, but when it happens, it happens!

Also, please pray for our family and friends who were affected by hurricane Katrina. We hope that they can rebuild their lives and things can return back to normal quickly.

07/10/05: This weekend I finished the mural in the baby's room. Well, not really finished, but getting there. I still have a couple of things I'd like to add. Click on the "Room" button to how things are coming along.

06/05/05: Yesterday we were invited to the residence of the Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Houston. It was to celebrate Children's Day. It was quite a site. There were so many little girls with their parents (and a couple of boys too). We talked with the Consul General for a few minutes, then he gave a nice speech about how this was the first time the residence was opened for this purpose, and he intends to make it an annual event. They had a lunch buffet of traditional Chinese food. They also had a beautiful dragon - similar to the one pictured here in the garden behind the residence (yes, I'm kicking myself for not bringing my camera!!!). We had a chance to talk with some people who have brought their children home, and some people from our agency who are in the "waiting" phase, like we are. It was a lovely day and we hope to go again next year (with 3 attending, instead of 2).

05/01/2005: I guess there won't be much to update until later in the year when we get our referral (october? maybe??). Our paperwork is now in China and now we wait....and wait....and wait...... Meanwhile, we still have lots to do with turning the guest room into the baby's room. First step is getting the bed out of there so I have some room to work! Also, I guess it's time to hit the gym to work out my arms. I spent all day Saturday with 6-month-old baby Ryleigh in my arms, and oh boy, are my arms sore!!

April 11, 2005: This is our Log-In-Date. See "Timeline" for more details.

April 1, 2005: Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Yea!! I'm the proud owner of a new laptop. Do you know what that means? I'll be able to document our trip to China when we travel. That is, if the gods of the broadband connections are with me. Hopefully I'll be able to share our daily journal and pictures along the way.