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Our Journey to Emma

Welcome to our adoption website. This is so friends and family can keep up with us during our amazing journey to adopt a baby from China. We traveled to China in February 2006 to bring our daughter Emma home. Our travel journals are archived in the drop-down box under the web buttons. This website continues so Emma's family and friends can continue checking out her progress and daily adventures.

3/22/2013: Spring break has come and gone. We worked most of the week, but took a couple days off to have an extra long weekend. We made our way up north so Emma could visit her China Sisters. We mostly hung around the house and let the girls play. Emma walked into their house and it was like old times. She loves her sisters!

We went to the fancy new museum downtown. The teenaged boy in this picture is Tom. He's the son of Nelson, who was our guide in China. He's attending college nearby and joined us for a few days.

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0043_zpsc93400d0.jpg

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0058_zps672f3f55.jpg

There was lots of swimming. April took a watermelon, brushed on some olive oil, then threw it into the pool. The girl who could get it to the side of the pool first, got the first slice. They loved it.

 photo DSC_0018_zpsa36bfec8.jpg

The three youngest waiting for the watermelon to be tossed.

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0019_zps2c789809.jpg

Although it looks like the watermelon is about to land on their heads, it wasn't anywhere close.

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0020_zpsddcee2c0.jpg

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0021_zpsd3eb38af.jpg

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0025_zpsaed76198.jpg

Dallas March 2013 photo DSC_0029_zps453f1175.jpg

Love these girls and the opportunity for Emma to spend time with a family that was formed like ours was.

Last weekend we spent some time at the rainforest and aquarium. The monkeys were very friendly and came quite close to the visitors.

 photo IMG_2363_zpsa99872a0.jpg

 photo IMG_2389_zps5450f654.jpg

 photo IMG_2348_zpsfa48ae5f.jpg


TKD2013 photo TKD2013c_zps0c40b1f2.jpg

TKD2013 photo TKD2013e_zpsab150e6f.jpg

TKD2013 photo TKD2013d_zps2aaeca1b.jpg

TKD2013 photo TKD2013b_zpse739b3ed.jpg

TKD2013 photo TKD2013-a_zps45f960b1.jpg

2/15/2013: I've been informed I have been neglecting my blog duties, so here you are!

February: Yea! I've caught up. This past week was belt testing again. Emma tested for her orange belt on Friday. We cheated and looked on the website and saw that she has been promoted. Whoo hoo!! (ETA: She got her orange belt and ANOTHER RED STRIPE!!!) We go for the award ceremony this coming week. I didn't have a very good position to take photos, so here are the best I have.

 photo DSC_0018_zpscd08b953.jpg

Through the mirror.

 photo DSC_0020_zpsa993dafb.jpg

Afterwards, we were rewarded by a demonstration by a 6th degree black belt. Mr. McCoy was awesome!

 photo DSC_0024_zpsbfbda74b.jpg

 photo DSC_0023_zps80367cbc.jpg

We had some friends from Canada come to visit for a couple of weeks. They were loving the weather here and were in no rush to get back to the snow. We managed to catch a lame Mardi Gras parade while they were here. Wasn't much to see, but it was nice to be outside.

 photo IMG_2297_zpse4fa0bf9.jpg

 photo IMG_2301_zpsdb7ed7f0.jpg

Emma met a cute little pup while we waited.

 photo IMG_2302_zps043e5483.jpg

 photo IMG_2309_zps2116fe5b.jpg

 photo IMG_2310_zpsd304f92d.jpg

January: Back to work and school after a nice Christmas break. We finally went to the new pier and took advantage of the half price special going on in January. It was so much fun until that last spin on the tea cup ride. My stomach wasn't too happy after that.

 photo IMG_2235_zps743b2baa.jpg

 photo IMG_2255_zps7b0b8b9d.jpg

 photo IMG_2256_zpsae695bd6.jpg

 photo IMG_2259_zps6048b26f.jpg

 photo IMG_2263_zps7947c171.jpg

My self-portrait.

 photo IMG_2279a_zps8b4aeab9.jpg

 photo IMG_2280_zpsd7d8d24c.jpg

My. Little. Pony has been a huge hit here lately, so when we found an airbrush tattoo of one, she was so excited. It actually lasted a whole week so she got to show her friends at school too.

 photo IMG_2288_zps6fe38af8.jpg

 photo IMG_2289_zps9d7a19a1.jpg

 photo IMG_2291_zps5031fd4f.jpg

 photo IMG_2294_zps264bcac4.jpg


This was the big viking ship that swung back and forth.